Recipe: Shanxi mother's home shredded cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Shanxi mother's home shredded cabbage


Shanxi family practices.



  1. Wash the cabbage, tear the leaves into pieces by hand, put the hand-leaved leaves into the pot, soak them in water, slice the garlic cloves, cut the dried peppers, and pour the peppers with warm water for a while.

  2. Heat the lard in a wok. When the temperature of the oil rises to about 40%, the peppercorns will be sautéed in a pot. The garlic will be sautéed in a pan and the dried red pepper will be sprinkled into the pan.

  3. Pour the cabbage leaves that are controlled by the water into the pot and stir fry.

  4. Stir-fry to the soft leaves of the vegetable leaf, pour the appropriate amount of fresh soy sauce, stir fry evenly.

  5. Put a little salt and chicken essence, stir fry evenly, turn off the fire and pour it into Shanxi vinegar and mix it.

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