Recipe: Shantou (milk powder version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Shantou (milk powder version)



  1. The first step: put the milk powder in the hot water (a little hot, no boiling water), put it in the yeast, let stand for 5 minutes (the weather is hot, the water is warm, about 5 minutes)

  2. Step 2: Put the active milk powder inside (just the first step) into the flour, sugar (if you like sweet, you can put more. Salt, milk.)

  3. Let's squash together, don't push it hard, and use the simmer to the dough until the dough is smooth.

  4. The third step: After the good, put it in a box of containers sealed, fermentation time, decide by yourself, the weather is hot, maybe half an hour, the low will take several hours. Fermentation is 2 times larger than the original.

  5. The fermented dough is torn open and should be in a honeycomb state.

  6. Step 4: The fermented dough is rubbed several times, you can add a little flour (not much). After that, grow the strip and cut into small pieces (or round into a circle). You like it.

  7. Step 5: Boil the hot water in the pot, put the steamed buns into the steaming, usually three to five minutes. Do not put too much at one time, there must be a gap.


Yeast must be placed in warm milk powder, the water can be hot, placed for 5 minutes, the weather can be extended to 10 minutes. The face must be soft and smooth, and have patience.

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