Recipe: Shanghai shrimp fried noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Shanghai shrimp fried noodles


I remember that summer, I stepped into the society and went to work. Every time I went home in the middle of the night, I always passed by the fried noodle stall. The fried noodles with oil, mixed with slightly crispy chicken, the pork and shrimp were just fried. , lard leaves a lingering fragrance between the lips and teeth, this is a wonderful taste in memory ~ ~ Shanghai fried noodles



  1. Pork belly (chicken) washed and shredded, shrimp washed and used; chicken feathers washed and drained for use;

  2. Take a small pot, pour in soy sauce, soy sauce, a little water, the ratio is about 3:1:1, according to the personal taste modulation ratio, add sugar to boil, boil and cool for use;

  3. Boil a pot of water, boil it, put in a rough noodles, and cook the noodles until they are cooked.

  4. At the same time, heat the wok, pour the lard (or corn oil), add the pork, stir-fry the shrimp, add a little cooking wine, salt seasoning, stir-fry the flavor;

  5. Put the shredded pork in the pan, fry the cooked egg with the remaining oil, pour the shredded pork into the pan, stir fry, pour the pot into the prepared soy sauce, stir fry until noodles Evenly, add the chicken feathers, stir fry with chopsticks until the chicken feathers are cooked.


1. Do not cook the noodles until they are fully cooked. Eight minutes can be left. The middle is slightly harder, otherwise it is easy to fry. 2. Pork shrimp do not need sizing, directly fry, stir fry until it comes out. 3. Put the chicken feathers and stir fry with chopsticks. Let the dishes touch the pot wall or the bottom of the pot. 4. Soy sauce saltiness and coloring can be adjusted according to personal preference.

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