Recipe: Shandong cuisine 09 "pot slump bean curd"

Home Cooking Recipe: Shandong cuisine 09


The pot of tofu is one of Shandong's classic Han dishes, belonging to Lu cuisine. The pot collapse is a unique cooking method of Lu cuisine. It can be used as a fish or as a meat, as well as tofu and vegetables. The pot is characterized in that the tofu is immersed in seasoning, the quail egg liquid is fried, and the chicken soup is slightly fired and collapsed. It is very tasty, and it can also be called “potted tofu stuffing”. The dish is dark yellow, the shape is neat, and the mouth is delicious. ,full of nutrition. The earliest pots and dishes were from Shandong. As early as in the Jinan of Shandong Province, there was a pot of tofu. This dish was raised in the Qing Emperor Qianlong. It was spread throughout Shandong and was introduced to Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai.



  1. Cut the north tofu into a domino block [0.5 cm later] Sprinkle a little salt, MSG on both sides of the cut tofu, and marinate the pepper powder for 5 minutes.

  2. Eggs are scattered. Put the tofu block with a layer of dry starch and then wrap the egg. Add in a frying pan that has been heated and added with vegetable oil until it is golden on both sides.

  3. Add half a bowl of water to add salt, sugar, chicken powder, cooking wine, pepper to boil, turn to low heat until the soup in the pot is dry, use a little water starch to thicken, then drizzle into the sesame oil, you can put the plate, Finally sprinkle with red pepper and diced green onion

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