Recipe: sesame oil

Home Cooking Recipe: sesame oil


The method of making sesame oil is searched in Baidu. After comparison, it feels the best. It is copied as usual, simple and delicious, and the summer salad is a must-have item. It is written by rsmgxyxy to provide experience.



  1. Pour boiling water into the pepper, the ratio of water to pepper is 1:1, water can soak the pepper, soak for about 1 minute. After boiled in boiling water, the smell of pepper in the pepper can be fully exerted.

  2. Filter out the water soaked in pepper, leave the pepper for spare

  3. Cut the shallots, sliced ​​ginger, and chopped garlic to facilitate the frying. The pot is hot, and the vegetable oil is added. The ratio of vegetable oil to pepper is 3:1. The ratio of sesame oil and sesame oil is the most suitable for cold salad.

  4. Put in the onion ginger, the process of slowly frying the small fire, slightly flip it, so that the aroma of onion ginger and garlic is more fully integrated into the oil, so that the sesame oil can be eaten and sautéed to the onion ginger and garlic. Pour the prickly ash in water (prickly ash to drain the water, can not be fried with water, it will burst, this is the basic common sense), the oil is fried for 5 seconds, turn off the fire, use the residual temperature of the oil to praw the pepper Miso comes out, the pepper that comes out of this will not paste, and it will be full of numbness.

  5. When the oil cools, the sesame oil is filtered out. Filtered sesame oil into a dry and sealed bottle, put in the refrigerator, eat a summer filter sesame oil, the remaining pepper, don't throw it away, crush a few peppercorns or stewed meat, put a few, the same delicious

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