Recipe: See Udon noodles in the moon (see the moon)

Home Cooking Recipe: See Udon noodles in the moon (see the moon)


Udon noodles are seen in the moon, which is a kind of udon noodles that Japanese people eat during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Eggs symbolize the moon, green onion (or seaweed) symbolizes dark clouds, and clouds open to see the moon. Raw eggs are beaten on the hot noodle soup. Before eating, the eggs are beaten with chopsticks. The eggs become egg flowers under the temperature of the hot soup. Is it very interesting? In the early autumn when the weather is getting colder, eat a bowl of warm udon noodles, big satisfaction~~



  1. Cook the noodles first. The udon noodles that are commercially available are generally cooked, so the water boils below and boiled until the water boils. It can be fished out and served in a large bowl.

  2. Re-boil the water in the pot. If there is a Kumbu soup, if you don't have it, put a spoonful of chicken.

  3. When cooking the soup, pour a spoonful of soy sauce on the surface, a spoonful of porphyrin, a little bit of sugar, sprinkle with half of chopped green onion, and then put salt according to your taste.

  4. After the soup boiled, turn off the fire, quickly fall on the surface, and then quickly lay an egg. Sprinkle the remaining half of the chopped green onion.

  5. This time has been completed, but there is still a key step is to eat quickly, or if the soup is cold, it will be mixed with udon noodles.


Try to choose reliable new eggs, although the eggs will be burned into egg flowers, but after all, they have not been cooked. It is no problem to eat new eggs. Please feel free to eat.

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