Recipe: Secret kumquat

Home Cooking Recipe: Secret kumquat



  1. Wash the kumquat and control the water

  2. a small mouth with a cross at the upper and lower ends of the kumquat

  3. Put the rock sugar and water in the pan and cook over low heat. Add all the sugar, add a small amount of salt, add the kumquat, cook until golden soft, turn off the heat.

  4. Boiled after cooking, bottling


I saw a lot of kumquats on the market, and I quickly bought some kumquat preserves, kumquats, qi, phlegm, thirst, digestion, and hangover. Kumquat can enhance the body's ability to resist cold, and can prevent colds and lower blood lipids. After you have done it, you can put it for a year. It is very comfortable to eat when you have a cold and cough.

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