Recipe: Seaweed minced rice ball

Home Cooking Recipe: Seaweed minced rice ball


Super delicious super fast rice noodles, come and do it together~ Prepare a beautiful lunch, how can you eat less delicious rice balls~



  1. First cook rice, my rice cooker can make four rice balls in a cup of rice.

  2. A few pieces of seaweed are violently crushed in a fresh-keeping bag (the ready-made seaweed is better). Cook the rice and spread it in a pot with a spoon. Add seaweed and floss and mix well. (How much you decide, the more meaty the more delicious, the more you eat ~) Try it before the rice ball and add some salt.

  3. Press the sushi mold into a rice ball, or wrap it in a triangle with a plastic wrap and squeeze it tightly.

  4. Eat it directly or do a lunch~

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