Recipe: Seaweed melon

Home Cooking Recipe: Seaweed melon


The best dish for weight loss, detoxification and beauty in summer - Haimi Winter Melon



  1. [Prepare one]

  2. Prepare more seaweed, the amount of seaweed melon tastes better.

  3. Soaking in water for more than half a day, it is better to change the water twice in the middle.

  4. Wash the softened seaweed with foam, add a little cooking wine, ginger and water for another half hour, even the soup is ready for use.

  5. [Preparation 2]

  6. Wash melon, green crust

  7. Cut the melon into strips, and the blocks are also OK. It is not recommended to slice, because the melon is too thin to cook for a long time.

  8. Add the appropriate amount of salt to marinate the melon stick for a while, 5-10 minutes, so that when the melon is fried, the water will be fast and cooked.

  9. 【practice】

  10. Put a little oil in the pot, onion, ginger pot

  11. Put in the seaweed stir fry, then do not pour the wine of the seaweed, keep it

  12. When the small fire stirs the dried rice into the water to smell the fresh flavor, add the salted melon strips, and you don’t have to put salt back.

  13. The fire will stir the melon sticks to a slightly effluent look.

  14. At this time, add water, soaked rice wine, a little sugar, boil over high heat, and cook over medium heat. If you want to drink soup, you can add some water.

  15. When the melon is cooked until it is completely transparent, the soup is also very thick and white, so you can turn off the fire.


The four elements of seaweed melon burning are delicious: 1. The amount of seaweed should be more, and the melon can suck the delicious taste. Seaweed also needs to be soaked in water to soft 2. After the melon is cut, it should be salted for a while, so that when the frying is done, the melon will be hydrated quickly and cooked. 3. When cooking, be sure to cook the melon from milky white until it is crystal clear and transparent. 4. The seaweed melon has a very light and unique taste, so don't put mushrooms or other heavy flavors to prevent change. Winter melon is a vegetable used for both medicine and food, with a variety of health benefits. Chinese medicine believes that winter melon is sweet, light, cool, and enters the lungs, large intestine, small intestine, and bladder. It has the effect of moistening the lungs and fluids, relieving phlegm and quenching thirst, diuretic swelling, clearing away heat and relieving heat, detoxifying and discharging pus. Thirsty, hot cough, edema, athlete's foot, fullness, diabetes, hemorrhoids, facial spots, rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, etc., can also solve fish, alcoholism. Weight loss and lipid-lowering: Winter melon has always been regarded as a weight loss top product, and has the reputation of "slimming melon". It is pointed out in "Therapeutic Materia Medica"; if you want to be thin and light, you can eat it; if you want fat, don't eat it. The melon is rich in propanol diacid, which can effectively control the conversion of sugar in the body into fat, prevent the body from accumulating fat, and consume excess fat from obesity, which has a good weight loss effect. Fenugreek is mainly found in melon, which can help the body's metabolism and inhibit the conversion of sugar into fat. It is also one of the weight loss and lipid-lowering functional factors in melon. Beauty: Oleic acid in melon has the activity of inhibiting melanin deposition in the body and is a good amino acid for emollient beauty ingredients. The Yuanqu "Double Tune" water fairy wrote: The rough clothes and the accompaniment, licking the fruits and fruits... but only wishing to make the Dansha, to keep the face.

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