Recipe: Seaweed meat pine steamed cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Seaweed meat pine steamed cake


This is a salty steamed cake, and caters to the taste of the elderly! It won't be very hot, it is really suitable for both young and old.



  1. The mold is baked with baking paper and the bottom and the periphery are used.

  2. Add enough water to the steamer before making the egg paste and boil it with a big fire.

  3. Eggs soaked in warm water at 60 ° C for about 8 minutes, wiped dry, shelled, placed in an oil-free basin

  4. Add sugar and salt to send the whole egg, until the batter that lifts the egg-dropping head overlaps and does not disappear immediately.

  5. Adding the sieved low powder in 3 times

  6. Pour a small amount of batter into a mixture of milk and oil, mix well, and pour in the remaining batter and mix well.

  7. Pour the prepared batter into the mold, sprinkle the Shanghai moss on the surface, put it in the steamer, and cover the pot.

  8. After steaming for 5 minutes, turn to medium heat and cook until cooked (about 25 minutes), take off the pan and cool off, and tear off the surrounding baking paper.


1. The temperature of the egg just taken out from the refrigerator is relatively low. It is not suitable for direct whole egg to be sent. It can be sprayed with heat-insulating water, or it can be soaked in warm water of 60 °C for about 8 minutes. 2. Before making the cake, you must pour enough water into the steamer to put it on the fire. This action is equivalent to preheating the oven. If the egg paste is prepared and then fired, the batter will be defoamed; 3. In the pre-steaming stage, please do not open the lid, otherwise you will see the collapsed cake; 4, judging whether it is mature: after steaming for about 10 minutes, you can take the cake test needle, long bamboo stick, knife (can not take chopsticks) into the center of the cake to the bottom, if not bring anything that means the cake is fully cooked If you bring out the wet batter that means the cake is not cooked, you need to continue to steam for a few minutes; 5, on the steaming time: because of the different relationship between mold, heat and batter thickness, steaming time depends on the specific circumstances.

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