Recipe: Seaweed, carrot, egg, fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Seaweed, carrot, egg, fried rice



  1. Steam the rice and pour it into the pan to spread it. (When steamed rice, the water is slightly less, so it is better to fry, and the fried rice is clearly defined)

  2. Prepare ingredients: seaweed shredded, egg beaten and salted, carrot cut into thin slices (I am afraid that direct fry will not be so easy to cook, cut directly with a paring knife.. Personal prefer to eat soft carrots)

  3. The rice cooker puts the oil on, and goes into the egg liquid. When it is poured down, it will be scattered. When the rice is fried, the package will be more even.

  4. Presenting super good eggs, put some oil in the rice cooker, put the carrots and fry, then put the rice and stir fry~

  5. Finally, the shredded seaweed and the fried egg are put together for stir fry. Add the right amount of soy sauce or salt according to your taste.

  6. Finished product.


Have been written in the steps.

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