Recipe: Seafood Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Seafood Soup



  1. The seaweed is torn into pieces, the shrimp skin is washed and drained, and the onion is washed and cut into pieces.

  2. Add boiling water to the pot, add the appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence after boiled in seaweed and dried shrimps.

  3. Sprinkle with chopped green onion after serving, and a bowl of the most cost-effective seafood soup is finished.


It is best to wash the shrimps with water before use. This will not only ensure safe eating, but also remove excess salt and fine sand that may be present. Moreover, this can also remove some of the bad smell of the shrimp skin itself, such as the smell of the nose after ammoniation, so that the soup is fresh and not smashed.

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