Recipe: Seafood risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Seafood risotto


In the cold winter, a steaming seafood risotto is enough to warm the whole heart. Even if you don't have a professional casserole, you can make delicious seafood bibimbap like a simple pressure cooker, which is suitable for the season when winter food is easy to get cold.



  1. The scallops are washed clean, the sand is washed away, drained, and a little peanut oil is slightly fried.

  2. 2. After the dried squid is soaked, cut the filaments, cut the fresh pork leg meat, slice the sausage, and shred the shredded mushrooms.

  3. 3. Squid and fresh pork, shredded mushrooms are mixed well with the previously prepared ginger wine, and added with a little soy sauce and peanut oil and a small amount of salt to prepare.

  4. 4. Rice is washed clean, add water from the squid, and a small amount of peanut oil into the pressure cooker.

  5. 5. Spread the prepared material on top of the rice.

  6. 6. Cover, after the fire is out, change the small fire slowly to cook, about 10-15 minutes, adjust the time according to the material and the amount of rice.

  7. 7. The good rice, the above materials are all cooked, the taste has penetrated into the rice.r8. Stir well with chopsticks and mix the ingredients with rice.r9. Sprinkle the parsley and mix well.


Perhaps use a casserole to slow down, the bottom layer of a thin layer of casserole is the most suitable, because there is no reason to burn the honeycomb coal small fire slowly, changed to a pressure cooker, gas stove production, although the taste is not authentic, some gaps, but for love to eat tile For risotto, for those who have dry goods at home, this is a small way to quickly solve problems.  Favorite in the winter, steaming and eating a bowl, plus a bowl of melon sand bone soup, warm heart and warm lungs ~ ~ ~ meat and vegetables, soup, life is simple and complicated.

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