Recipe: Seafood rice noodle soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Seafood rice noodle soup


Sweet fresh soup, Q-bottle powder, full-bodied seafood! I learned the method of dealing with rice noodles in the "Heman's Chef", and the problem of confusion has finally been solved.



  1. The celery is cut into sections, the mushrooms are sliced, and the lettuce is cut into 3 cm size and divided into 5 sections. In addition to mussels, add seafood and a small amount of cornmeal to grab the clams.

  2. Heat the hot water, add the sesame oil and salt to the water, add the rice flour, remove it when it is half cooked, put it in a deep dish, and cover it.

  3. Put a small amount of oil in the hot pot, add celery and mushrooms, and saute. Then pour in the hot water (not recommended here, it will destroy the sweetness of seafood and vegetables)

  4. After the water is rolled back, add seafood, rice noodles and lettuce.

  5. After rolling back again, add salt and white pepper to taste.


* Boiled rice noodles with sesame oil and salt can make the rice flour taste good in advance. When it is half cooked, it can be picked up to keep its Q bomb. At the same time, because of the lubrication of the oil, the rice noodles will not stick together. * Seafood is easy to cook, so don't put it early, it will get old, because we do not make soup, the sweetness of seafood is very important, especially if you buy fresh ingredients. *It is also possible to add some other seasonings, such as fish sauce, Meiji soy sauce, etc., but because I want to eat the most original feeling, so there is no increase.

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