Recipe: Sea prawn, baby dish

Home Cooking Recipe: Sea prawn, baby dish


It is said to be the farmer's dish of Jiaodong, the crispy sweetness of the doll dish and the deliciousness of Shanghai white shrimp. How can the taste be a "fresh" word to describe.



  1. The sea white shrimps are washed clean, and the shrimp line is picked. It is cut into 2 and 3 segments according to the big and small heads. It is best to start with a big, flexible and fresh prawns.

  2. The baby dish is washed and cross-cut, which is good for cutting the fiber to absorb the soup. Choose a dish that is stored for a period of time, because the loss of moisture, the sweetness will be high.

  3. Under the fire, the ginger leaves the scent, the shrimp section, the shrimp oil, the shovel and the shrimp head, so that the shrimp paste can also be fried.

  4. Under the baby dish, stir-fry the fire, soften the salt and let the pot out. The whole process is completed in about 8 minutes. Definitely a lazy dish.

  5. Ginger can be put more, one to go to the cockroach, the second is because the doll dish is cold, ginger can play a neutral role.

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