Recipe: Sea bream tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Sea bream tofu



  1. Soak the tofu with light salt water for half an hour, then remove the diced pieces, add a little salt, vinegar, cooking wine, pepper, sweet potato powder, mix well, cut the green garlic, slice the ginger.

  2. Pour a little oil into the pot. After the oil is hot, cut into the chopped green garlic and ginger slices and tofu.

  3. Turn the fire, feed the wine, stir fry

  4. Add a proper amount of water to cook for a while

  5. Boil the sea bream for a while, cook until the soup is slightly thick

  6. Add green garlic leaves, salt and pepper to taste.


1. Mix the sweet potato with sea cucumber powder to ensure the fresh taste of the sea bream after the pot. Don't cook too much after cooking into the sea bream. It is not very delicious when the sea bream is cooked. 2, tofu is not easy to break with light salt water, it is best to use South tofu, the taste is smooth and tender. When I cook, there is only northern tofu at home, and the taste will be almost. 3, because the sea bream has not been fried, not only can maintain the fresh taste of sea bream, the use of less oil, can reduce calorie intake. However, it must be marinated with cooking wine and vinegar in advance. Green garlic and ginger are also necessary to remove the smell of sea bream~

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