Recipe: Scrambled eggs with cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Scrambled eggs with cucumber


Very homely refreshing little stir-fry~



  1. Cucumber is washed and sliced, and the eggs are broken.

  2. Put the oil in the pot, and pour the egg into the egg while the oil is hot. Pour the tender egg into the cucumber when it is slightly golden.

  3. The cucumber is not so hard to stir the seasoning, and then stir-fry for a while.


1. Put the oil on the bottom of the pot just enough. In addition, to what extent is the oil heat better? I use a chopstick to drop a drop of egg liquid. If the egg liquid suddenly emits a lot of bubbles, it will be fine. 2. After pouring the egg liquid, do not stir it with chopsticks. When the egg liquid becomes a certain thickness of the bubble, turn it over and poke it into several large pieces with a shovel. (Do not poke too small, because when you fry cucumber for a while, it will poke it down by the way) 3, the cucumber is always fried or not soft, then cover the lid and lick it, but the watch is too long. 4, the use of fresh vegetables does not matter, only salt is also very delicious.

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