Recipe: Scrambled eggs with citron

Home Cooking Recipe: Scrambled eggs with citron



  1. Wash the citron, boil the water for 30 seconds - 1 minute, see the buds from red to green

  2. Soak in cold water and drain the water. Cut into pieces, beat in the eggs, mix well and set aside. Put salt before use, can't put it early

  3. Hot oil in the pot, fire, pour into the egg. Quickly flipping until the egg liquid is semi-solidified

  4. Turn off the fire immediately, and then continue to flip a few times, using the residual temperature to make the eggs all solidified, this process is also a minute. Don't fry it, if the egg is old, it will not taste good. Then use a shovel to polymerize the fried citron eggs in the middle, buckle a flat plate, and pour the pot, and the omelet is in the plate. This process is also fast, you can't keep the eggs in the hot pot for too long, and prevent the bottom from getting old.


The second method of storing fresh fragrant citrons throughout the year: 【One】 When people didn't have a refrigerator a long time ago, most of them used this method of pickling: remove the fresh citron, do not wash it, put it in an oil-free container, put it directly into the salt, you can put more, put the citron with your hand Salt is evenly distributed. Marinate in a cool place for about 1 week, then spread it out for a few days. After that, it can be stored in a plastic bag and sealed. This can be stored for half a year without problems. Boil it before eating, then simmer it over the water. You can fry squid and you can scramble eggs. You can choose a stalk that has a relatively large stalk, so that the pickled citron is very tough when eaten. Although it is not fresh enough, it does not have a taste. 【two】 Nowadays, we use this method: remove the fresh citron, wash it, then simmer it over hot water to see if the citron turns from red to green. Remove and soak in cold water for a few minutes. Then squeeze the water. Divide into one part, put it into a fresh-keeping bag, roll it up, and seal it. Directly into the refrigerator for freezing. This can also be stored for half a year, and after the thawing, the scent is full, and there is not much difference between the fresh and the fresh. After the scalding, the body of the citron is already cooked, and the cells have a certain ductility. The water inside the cells will swell when frozen, and ice crystals will be formed. If it is not frozen, it will freeze directly, and the ice crystals will easily pierce the cell wall. The toon will collapse and the color will become darker. No longer fresh.

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