Recipe: Scrambled eggs with chives

Home Cooking Recipe: Scrambled eggs with chives


130317. When I was a child, I often used this dish that my mother made. It was the first time I did it myself. I went home immediately after the Ching Ming Festival and wanted to dig my own vegetables.



  1. The leek is repeatedly soaked and washed (because of the soil, it must be soaked and rinsed several times until the water is clear; when I was a child, my mother never went to the roots, because Dad said that the leek root has a more 'garlic taste', so this time I also Leave the root) and cut it into pieces.

  2. 4 eggs, add a little cooking wine and salt, break up.

  3. Put the oil into the pot. When the oil is hot, adjust it to medium and small fire. Add the egg into a block and then use a shovel to make a small piece.

  4. Put the oil in the pot again. Put a few pieces of garlic slices in the pan when the oil is hot. Then add the prepared leeks and stir fry, and quickly break them; then put the eggs in 3 and stir them together until the two are fully blended. . Add a little salt and chicken in the process.

  5. Savory plate, savory leeks scrambled eggs, oh ~!

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