Recipe: Scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Scrambled eggs


I like it very much @奚姥姥 The smashed egg of 韭黄, I was hanged on my appetite, and I immediately imitated it! It’s just spring, and of course I want to eat...



  1. Add a little salt to the egg and mix well. Rinse and cut into pieces. Sauté the hot oil. Stir the eggs until they are basically solidified.

  2. Heat again to 70% to 80%, pour in the simmered yellow and stir fry, add salt and mushroom essence; 韭 yellow slightly soft, immediately pour the eggs into the pan and stir well.


Eggs can be fried until eighty-nine percent, and then fried with glutinous rice will not be old; glutinous yellow must be fired, and the best in the pot before a large amount of water.

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