Recipe: Scorpion fish sauce fried dish

Home Cooking Recipe: Scorpion fish sauce fried dish


Tired of raw fried cabbage? Tired of garlic and fried cabbage? Tired of water boiled cabbage? Then come to some exotic flavors! Although the method of speculation in Southeast Asia is strong, we are absolutely happy to accept it! Because the vegetables have become very popular!



  1. The scorpion is kept in salt water for more than 3 hours.

  2. Open the saint in the middle before cooking, see a black cockroach, to get rid of

  3. Wash all the water twice after cleaning

  4. Put the water in the pot, put some cooking wine, drown the water after the water is opened, and remove the shell meat immediately.

  5. Washing the dishes, how can this macaroni be so tender, I want to eat when I wash, suddenly I feel like a cow

  6. Put oil in the pan, half of the garlic

  7. The oil heat immediately pours the vegetables into the stir fry, remembering that it is a big fire. The color of the green vegetables is very good. The light in my house is dark, so the effect is not good. During the day, I can see that my vegetables are very delicious.

  8. Cooked in one minute, you can pretend to spare

  9. Prepare garlic, chopped beans, shredded peppers

  10. Put the oil in the pan and pour the ingredients into the sauce.

  11. Then pour the dumplings into the pan and stir fry.

  12. After evenly, return the cabbage to the pan, stir fry and add the fish sauce and season with salt.

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