Recipe: Scallops porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallops porridge



  1. Wash the rice with oil and salt for 10 minutes (it can be better if you have time to marinate for 30 minutes)

  2. Ginkgo is gently patted with a knife back, and the shell is boiled. The boiled water in the pot is cooked for 5 minutes without a lid, and the brown layer is removed.

  3. After washing the scallops, they are soaked in warm water.

  4. After boiled water in a rice cooker, put in rice, ginkgo, scallops (soaked water) and cook. Transfer to the cooking stall and boil. Turn to the porridge stall and cook for 50 minutes.

  5. The scallops are salty, and when salted rice is salted, it is basically no need to season the salt.

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