Recipe: Scallops, garlic, steamed loofah

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallops, garlic, steamed loofah



  1. Half a fan of hot water is soaked in a dish, the original loofah is peeled and cut a section, the code is good on the fans, the loofah cross section with a fruit knife spike a few times (in order to make the garlic on the surface of the loofah Scallop sauce

  2. ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ : : : : : : : : : ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œ ่’œTurn light and turn off the fire.

  3. Use a spoon to spread a spoonful of garlic scallop sauce on the cross section of the loofah, and finally spread the whole dish with two tablespoons of steamed fish oyster sauce.

  4. The steamer is fired. After the water is turned on, it can be steamed for five minutes. Immediately after the fire is turned off, the dish is taken out.

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