Recipe: Scallop radish soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallop radish soup


Light taste is also the dominant taste of my blog, and today I will continue to make a light soup. Everyone knows that radishes should be eaten in winter to prevent colds. This scallop radish soup is very suitable for winter consumption.



  1. Add water to the scallops and steam for 30 minutes. Cut the radish into small pieces

  2. The scallops are chopped, and the soup of steamed scallops is placed in the pan, cooked with radish, and celery (with seasoning with salt)


Some people say that it is normal for a region to eat spicy because of climate. If people all over the country eat spicy food, it means that this is an impetuous and stimulating society. I think this has some truth, because hemp and spicy are a strong stimulation of taste. Why can spicy spread throughout the country? Because the stimulation always brings excitement, the taste is light and it is easy to be assimilated by the heavy taste. Just as people face stimuli and temptations, it is difficult to maintain the true nature of life. Although spicy brings irritating, 'light' can be light, very light, a bit salty, salty, too salty, slightly spicy, spicy, very spicy, but the taste is heavy but it is difficult to distinguish between the light taste, both It is not enough. Life is the same, and those who seek excitement can hardly taste the taste of plain life. Therefore, ordinary life is not tasteless, the key is the weight of your ‘flavor’. "Caigen Tan" said: "The glutinous rice is not really delicious, the true taste is only light. The magic is extraordinary, it is not only people." It’s a realm of light and medium taste, and it’s a taste of everyday life. ‘Light’ is a life attitude and has no direct connection with the taste of eating vegetables. However, keeping the light taste is not only healthy, but also more delicious.

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