Recipe: Scallop mushroom spinach porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallop mushroom spinach porridge


For those who love seafood, this porridge is really delicious, not easy to use, simple to operate, nutritious and delicious.



  1. Wash the dried shiitake mushrooms and scallops in a small bowl of warm water overnight, and leave the water for spare. (You can also put fresh mushrooms)

  2. Wash 2 kinds of rice mixed, add water without rice, then drop two drops of sesame oil, soak less salt for more than half an hour.

  3. Slice the shiitake mushrooms, put them into the soaked rice with scallops, pour the shiitake mushrooms and scallops into the pot, and press the porridge.

  4. A small piece of ginger, chopped and served. Take two spinach and wash it with boiling water (to remove oxalic acid) and then chop it up.

  5. When the porridge is cooked, put in the spare spinach and ginger, simmer for about three minutes, then put a little salt to taste, the fragrant seafood porridge out of the pan......


1. Use sesame oil and salt to soak rice, in order to boil the rice, you can also omit this step. The porridge is also the same as the sesame oil. If you don't like it, you can not let it go. 2, scallops, mushrooms, rice, I am the first night to wash the bubble, because to bring children, so time is limited. 3, in addition: the water to cook porridge, please consider. I like the thick taste.

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