Recipe: Scallop ham pineapple sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallop ham pineapple sauce


The recipe is not rigorous... I can't help it, I will record it~



  1. The pine mushroom is scraped and washed and torn into strips. The ham is diced, the scallops are soaked in advance, and the garlic and pepper are chopped.

  2. Prepare a pot, put the pine stalk into the pot, stir fry until no water, drain the water.

  3. Prepare a pot, add a lot of oil, put the fried pine squid into the pot and fry until the color changes.

  4. Add the ingredients and fry them together until they are browned (as shown in the figure, I don't know how to describe the color), add the appropriate amount of salt, cool the pan and store it at room temperature.

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