Recipe: Scallion with shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallion with shrimp


This dish is very easy to make, nutritious and good, raw materials can be used fresh shrimp, but also can be bought from the frozen shrimp in the supermarket, the taste of the shrimp is very Q, it is suitable for a child to eat.



  1. Use a small milk pot to boil the water and add fresh shrimp or thawed shrimp. When the water is opened, the shrimp can be drained.

  2. Garlic cut into garlic cloves, green onions, chopped green onion, shredded

  3. Put the right amount of oil into the pot. After the oil is hot, put the garlic cloves and the green onion and sauté, then add to the scent.

  4. Pour the drained shrimp into the pot and stir fry, because the shrimp has already passed through the water, so you only need to stir it for a while.

  5. Because you have already put in the soy sauce, you don't need to put salt, and you can eat it for the children.


1, you can put a little bit of pepper, a little numb feeling, of course, if the children do not eat then do not let go. 2, because the shrimp has already passed through the water, so the appropriate stir-fry for 1 minute is the most adequate, otherwise the old taste is not Q. 3, if the soy sauce is less, you can add a little salt, but the taste of the children is best to be lighter.

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