Recipe: Scallion sesame cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallion sesame cake


Onion, sesame, and cake are popular with everyone. Good mood every day



  1. 1. Flour and yeast add a little salt and mix well with warm water

  2. 2 flour three-light dough, covered with a damp cloth

  3. 3 shallots are cut into chopped green onion and white sesame seeds are reserved.

  4. 4 fermented dough is 2 times larger, then wet cloth cover, etc. 15 minutes

  5. 5 dough into a rectangular thin skin, pour a little oil and rub evenly, salt and chopped green onion sprinkle evenly, roll from the top of the dough to the bottom, squash and then into a round cake, brush a small amount of water on both sides with sesame seeds, a little oil in the pot, The sides of the cake are fried into golden and cut and eaten.

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