Recipe: Scallion bean skin

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallion bean skin


Nutritious and refreshing, delicious



  1. Cut the bean husks with hot water.

  2. Add the soy skin water to the soy sauce, mix the oil and mix well.

  3. Cut the onions and cut more. Red dried peppers are cut into several pieces for use.

  4. Put the onion on the mixed bean skin, and put the red pepper on the onion

  5. When the oil is poured in the pan, let the peppers sauté, pour the pepper oil on the red pepper and the onion, mix well with sesame oil and parsley, and taste great!


Be sure to wait until the oil is poured before you put the coriander. If you don't want the coriander, you will not eat it. Use hot water to heat the bean skin and take it out. If it is hot, it will be broken!

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