Recipe: Scallion

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallion


Among the shellfish products, the most popular ones are scorpions and oysters! These two are delicious and the cooking method is varied! But relatively speaking, because of its large size, the scorpion is thick and thick, it is more suitable for the original burning method, adding too much seasoning, but concealing its deliciousness! The simple burning method can highlight its original flavor! I have eaten a lot of burning methods, which makes me feel that the most amazing and unforgettable is the scallions! With his own understanding of the unforgettable taste, try to burn it a few times, the seasoning ratio will be different, but the overall taste is still very delicious~



  1. When you buy it, put it in the water and spit it out! When you burn, drown! Put it directly into the boiling water, put some ginger and cooking wine to go! Wait until the water is big and the shell is open, and remove it into the cold water basin!

  2. Slightly clean the cold water basin and try to pick out the empty shell! (If you have more fried scorpions, you can take out or put a little more shell! Otherwise it is more fuel-intensive.) This step of cleaning is still necessary. On the one hand, it can wash out the sand and another can be hot and cold. More tender! Wash and drain in the basket!

  3. Add oil pan (oil must be put a little more, don't be afraid of too much oil, because a lot of oil will be consumed by the shell) into the pepper, garlic, shallot section! Leek oil, this time you can put in a small bowl of soy sauce, sugar, and a little vinegar (small vinegar, but it is very important, because vinegar encounters high temperature oil will have an inexplicable fragrance)

  4. When the oil in the oil pan smokes, the color of the onion and pepper becomes darker, and the colander is used to quickly remove the food, leaving only the oil! Pour the drained dice! Then stir fry (note that if there is any time, please cover the lid). After a little frying, pour the sweet and sour sauce into the stir fry, add the wine (the wine must be poured in the time of Zlatz)! After the seasoning is stir-fried, sprinkle with a small chopped green onion to make a pot!

  5. Note that the stir-fry time can not be too long, it will affect the tenderness!

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