Recipe: Sawadika Curry Seafood Risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Sawadika Curry Seafood Risotto


Seafood risotto is very troublesome to do, but after a bite, you will feel that all the effort is worth it. The key to this dish is that you have to buy fresh seafood. Seashells with shells and hard shells are usually very delicious. After the frying, the aroma comes out. I like to fry with garlic. This risotto has no bit of a hint. Then add rice and curry for a long starch gelatinization process, and continue to pour shell soup, until the rice is transparent to this meal is almost the same. In fact, you can add no curry, and it will add flavor. In short, you will be shocked by the fact that you will be on the table. The original seafood risotto is just like this. This is the taste of the sea. I know the charm of seafood risotto. ”



  1. 1. Heat about 1000ml of water, add it to the green mussels and simmer for 1 minute, then remove and leave the soup for use.

  2. 2. Put all the seafood in the pan and saute with a little oil and let it stand for use. Put a little oil on the pot and stir the garlic and mushrooms. Add the raw rice and stir well. Add a spoonful of soup into the pot and stir fry the rice. Add the curry paste and stir well.

  3. 3. Twice a spoonful of soup into the pan and stir fry, let the rice absorbing water, repeat this action until the raw rice is almost ripe, add coconut milk and seafood, continue to stir fry until the rice is fully cooked.


1. Every time you add the soup, you should stir it thoroughly so that the rice in the pot does not have too much water, but you can add a spoonful of soup in a wet and sticky state. This process takes about 15-20 minutes. The last cooked risotto is not completely dry, but has a wet feeling. 2. If there is no red curry cream, it is ok to replace it with other curry paste or curry.

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