Recipe: Sauerkraut

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauerkraut


The ingredients like beef tendon are cooked to the taste of the strong taste. I prefer the sauerkraut flavor, even if it is made into a spicy taste, it is easy to accept.



  1. The beef tendon is cut into pieces; the sauerkraut is cut into silk; the dried red pepper is cut into seeds in a circle; the parsley is chopped;

  2. From the oil pan, the fragrant ginger slices and the onion segments, add the pepper rings and peppers to stir the scent; remove the spices and fry the sauerkraut with the oil in the pan;

  3. Add broth or water, boil over sauerkraut and sauté. Add in beef tendon and turn into the simmer and heat for a while. Place the cilantro.


Beef tendons are processed in advance and can be made into different flavors. The sauerkraut has a high saltiness. It is basically not added with salt after being boiled in the soup. The sauerkraut is not suitable for cooking for a long time, which will affect the crisp taste.

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