Recipe: Sauce yellow croaker

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauce yellow croaker


I have been eating yellow croaker since I was a child. The garlic cloves are the name of the northerners who describe its fleshy characteristics. This “salted yellow croaker” is easy and simple to learn. The taste is also very tasty and very tasty. Very suitable for home making~



  1. Clean up the yellow croaker, remove the scales, internal organs, and fish gills, and cut off the fins. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and drain the water. Then use kitchen paper towels to absorb the moisture on the surface of the fish. Cut a knife on the back of the fish and place it on the spine, but don't cut it to mature and taste. Spread evenly on the fish with a small amount of starch and set aside.

  2. Heat the pan and add the right amount of salad oil. At this point, the starch-coated fish is placed in a pan and tidy, and fried in medium heat until both sides are golden. At this point, add the onion slices of ginger and garlic, cook the cooking wine, pour a small bowl of water, the amount of water is not to the fish body 4/5. Add soy sauce and oyster sauce, sugar, salt and a little bit of vinegar. After the fire is boiled, burn it with medium heat for about 10 minutes. In the middle of the day, use the spoon to pick up the soup and pour it on the fish. Do not cover until the soup is thick, you can pour in sesame oil and serve as a pan.


When frying fish, be careful not to shake or flip the fish immediately after putting it in a pan. Slightly fry for about 1 minute with medium heat. Shake the fish after it has been shaped. This dish is not a sweet and sour taste. Adding rice vinegar is just to remove the fish gills, so put less, 1 teaspoon full of feet.

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