Recipe: Sauce potato powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauce potato powder


Talk about my potato flour. I think the potato flour should be a southern snack like rice noodles. There are several small potato powder shops in our city. I used to like to eat because the soup is on-site, so I will ask Without adding chicken and broth, using white water and adding them to cook, it is also very delicious, because there is a strong taste of mushrooms, but then I found that they are no longer prepared, but with the convenience of instant noodles like instant noodles. To do it, put a bag in each stone pot, just the time they used up the mushrooms in the store, but the potato flour that was made is still a thick mushroom flavor. When I eat it, I am full of additives and preservatives. A class of things, later no longer like to eat potato flour. Some time ago, I saw young entrepreneurs in CCTV-2 and saw a Taobao shop recommended by Ma Yun. It is a farmer's shop in Shaanxi, which sells its own agricultural and sideline products. It is very famous on the Internet and has been rated as a model for young entrepreneurs. The most attractive thing for me is his homemade potato flour. The fresh big potatoes that have just been dug out of the ground are so cute, and this potato flour is made by traditional methods. It should be more trustworthy than the supermarket, so I will immediately I booked a big bag online, bought some pea noodles and noodles, and made a pot yesterday.



  1. Put a little bit of oil in the wok, sauté the ginger, the mushroom strips, mushrooms, pea sprouts and kelp buckles, stir fry a few times, put two tablespoons of diluted fried sauce and pepper powder to stir evenly, heat the water and mushrooms to boil Open, let go, turn to a small fire and cook for a while

  2. After cooking the scent in the pot, add the soaked potato powder, cook until the ripening, add the cabbage, the small cabbage can be added to the oyster sauce

  3. Pot, add some vinegar, sesame oil and pepper when you eat.


Because the sauce is fried sauce, it is good to put only a little oil when the pot is fried. This sauce is not really spicy. I am a person who can't eat spicy food, so my mother likes to use the non-spicy chili to make the sauce. I want to write my hot sauce, huh, huh~~

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