Recipe: Sauce meat (beef)

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauce meat (beef)


The method that the master who sells meat tells, come back and try it. It is really easy to make and tastes good. Not only meat, beef, chicken feet... can be ok :)



  1. Wash the meat; if the meat is relatively large, cut it into two pieces, the size of which can be sold by the deli; use the sign to poke a few times on the meat piece, which is easy to taste.

  2. Put the aniseed, cinnamon, pepper and fragrant leaves into the seasoning box.

  3. Adjust the sauce: Put the soy sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce, rock sugar, onion, ginger, clam meat, seasoning package into the pot, add water, you have to have no meat. In this step, you can put more soy sauce, a little bit of rock sugar, and adjust the saltiness of the sauce yourself. It is a little salty.

  4. Put the clams into the pot for an hour, then cook the pan (without the pressure cooker), turn the pan and turn to a small fire, half an hour, turn off the fire (do not cover the pot).

  5. Fire again the next day, after a small fire for 5-8 minutes, turn off the fire. Finally, repeat it at night (remember to keep the lid open after the fire is turned off to ensure a sterile environment).


1. Because I did it in the afternoon, I drank the second time the next morning and the third time in the evening. If you do it in the morning, you can cook it for the second time in the evening and the third time in the morning. 2. Do not smash the lid after the fire is turned off.

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