Recipe: Sauce chicken silk noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauce chicken silk noodles


If I am going to die, the most I want to eat before I die is probably the cold noodles made by my mother. Although I did, it was actually much more delicious than she did. People who like, don't know if you like this way?



  1. Tahini + sugar + salt + monosodium glutamate + white sesame + water slowly mix thoroughly into a paste

  2. The chicken breast is marinated with salt and pepper powder for 3 hours. The upper drawer is steamed and buried in ice cubes to cool down quickly. Then use the fork with anything. In short, the meat is torn into pieces of chicken along the texture. The roast chicken / broiler chicken can also be torn into chicken.

  3. Peanuts and white sesame seeds are broken into powder, some peanuts are broken into peanuts

  4. Cucumber shredded, coriander, minced

  5. Cook the hand-baked noodles into the ice-water mixture, stir and cool, pick up and drain

  6. Drain the noodles and add a little bit of pepper oil and mix well, then add a little peanut sesame powder and mix well to make it all over the noodles.

  7. Pour the appropriate amount of sesame paste, chicken, cucumber, coriander, peanuts, and mix well.

  8. Add vinegar and chili according to your taste


1. Personal taste, when the tartare sauce is adjusted, the sugar is more delicious, and the northern students can adjust it appropriately. 2. According to many years of experience, this side is the most suitable for the best in Shaanxi!

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