Recipe: Sauce burger

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauce burger



  1. After the bullfrog is slaughtered, cut it into small pieces, pinch the bullfrog with salt, rinse it with water, and cut into pieces.

  2. Cut the green pepper into the right size and simmer it with boiling water.

  3. Put oil in the pot, when the oil is 60% hot, pour in the bullfrog and stir fry, add a little salt, cooking wine and stir fry until the bullfrog is broken.

  4. Pour a little oil into the pot, scallions, ginger, sweet noodles, sugar, and boiled water. Pour in the bullfrog and stir fry. Pour in the green pepper and continue to stir fry. Let the juice be wrapped in the material. Finally, pour some sesame oil. Rise


Only put the sweet noodles without adding other seasonings, because the sweet noodles have a salty taste inside, if you add salt, it is too salty. Although I put a sweet sauce, I still added some sugar. I personally feel that it is wise to add some sugar.

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