Recipe: Sauce bone

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauce bone


The secret sauce bones are especially tasty, and the fingers are delicious! The essence of this bone is my homemade steamed sauce, this steamed sauce is delicious!



  1. First steamed sauce, 100g sweet noodle sauce, 5g edible oil, a little green onion, stir in a bowl, steam in a cold water pot, turn off the heat after 10 minutes

  2. Put cold water in the pot, add ginger, cooking wine, put in the bones, wait for the water to boil and turn the bones a few times, and force the blood out. Then remove the bones and rinse them in cold water.

  3. Put the bones in a basin, then put two spoons of soy sauce, a spoonful of soy sauce, stir well, then smear the homemade steamed sauce, massage the bones, so that you can fully taste and marinate for 20 minutes.

  4. Put the star anise, onion, and ginger in the pressure cooker, then pour the marinade soup, put a little water, and then add the marinated bones. Open the stew.

  5. After almost half an hour, you're done! Open the pressure cooker and wait to eat!

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