Recipe: Sand tea, white jade mushroom, chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Sand tea, white jade mushroom, chicken


Chicken with a new way to eat, sand tea, white jade mushrooms, chicken Sand tea control HOLD can not live, one of the important spices in the home, a major feature of Xiamen, sand tea sauce. The sand tea sauce in Xiamen is actually evolved from the sand dunes in Southeast Asia. It is characterized by aroma, slightly spicy and peanut butter. The Southeast Asian sand dunes are popular in Indonesia, and the Indonesian language is “SATE” (Satay). The original meaning is “kebab”. It is made with a variety of rich spices (yellow powder, pepper, star anise, etc.). It tastes spicy, salty and fragrant. . My family is a must-have sand tea sauce all year round. When cooking, you can add it. When you want to cook the sand tea noodles, dig two spoons and add some big bone soup to the line. It is very convenient. This piece of sand tea white jade mushroom 烩 chicken, is the use of sand tea sauce as a seasoning of white jade mushrooms and chicken, the taste is slightly spicy, mellow, thick, sand tea soup poured in the rice is also invincible, absolute rice killer.



  1. The chicken legs are washed, peeled and boned, and the net meat is cut into small portions.

  2. Chicken diced with chicken sauce and mix well

  3. Cut the mushroom to the tail of the mushroom, open it and wash it.

  4. If the sand tea sauce is too thick, add appropriate amount of water and mix thoroughly to form a paste.

  5. Pour a little oil into the pot, pour the chicken into the stir fry until it is discolored (white), and immediately remove it.

  6. Add a little oil and pour the washed white mushroom into the stir fry until soft. (about 2 minutes)

  7. The chicken is poured into the pot and added to the sand tea sauce.

  8. Add appropriate amount of water and stir the white mushroom, chicken, and sand tea sauce for about 1 minute.

  9. Transfer the appropriate amount of salt to the taste, then add the appropriate amount of starch to collect the juice.


Must come to order, mix and eat is the king!

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