Recipe: Saltwater sea shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Saltwater sea shrimp



  1. . First put the white shrimp in the bamboo frame, rinse it with water, and place it in the basin.

  2. . Wash the roots with chives and cut into 2 cm long sections; ginger peeled and cut into pieces

  3. . Wash the pot and add it to the water, add the onion, ginger, and salt to boil.

  4. . Then, pour the sea white shrimp, add the wine and then boil

  5. . When it is broken, the foam is removed.

  6. . Add the MSG, add it to the pot, go to the onion, ginger, and pour in the original soup.


1. Be sure to use fresh sea white shrimp. 2. Cooking time should not be too long, usually broken. The amount of salt used is more than usual. Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 5 minutes

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