Recipe: Salted egg yellow meat pine group

Home Cooking Recipe: Salted egg yellow meat pine group


The salted egg yolk meat pine group in Shanghai Xinghualou is hard to find. Let's do it ourselves~ This recipe can do 26!



  1. The salted egg yolk is steamed and chopped.

  2. Put the oil in the pan and fry the egg yolk. Pour in the flesh and mix well.

  3. Add glutinous rice flour, green juice and boiling water vegetable oil to the pot.

  4. Divide each face brake weighing 50 grams, flatten one by one, wrap the egg yolk meat stuffing, pinch the mouth, and pour into a ball, which is a green dough.

  5. Put the oil paper in the cage, put in the green dough, and steam on the pot for about 13 minutes until cooked.

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