Recipe: Salted duck liver

Home Cooking Recipe: Salted duck liver


Many friends like to order a cold dish when they go to the restaurant to eat Beijing roast duck. The salted duck liver is soft and tender, and the taste is good. Salted duck liver, it sounds very simple, as the name suggests, is not the duck liver in the salt water to cook? However, at home, I bought duck liver and made it. After I made it, I didn’t eat it and chew it. It’s that although the taste is very tender, it’s very suffocating and there is no taste at all. No way, still go to the restaurant to eat, huh, huh. In fact, you only need to master a few simple tricks. The abalone guarantees that you can make the same salted duck liver as the restaurant at home, and the cost is extremely low (the abalone counts, the price of a restaurant can be ten at home) I don’t even say it, friends who love this dish come over.



  1. After washing the floating foam, put the onion ginger and then put the salt and then pour the wine into the wine. Then put it in the pepper and simmer for three minutes to turn off the fire. At this time, the duck liver is basically seven mature.

  2. Pour the duck liver into the container and pour the water from the duck liver into the container

  3. Soak the duck liver for 5~6 hours, then the duck liver is fully cooked and ready to eat.

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