Recipe: Salt fried duck leg

Home Cooking Recipe: Salt fried duck leg


I don't remember where I saw this practice. I didn't care at that time. I marinated a few duck legs and wanted to make a salted duck. I suddenly came up with the idea of ​​changing the taste. I took it to the pan and fry it...



  1. Saturated sea salt and pepper, do not fry for a long time, let the salt dry;

  2. Make the Massage for the duck leg with the fried salt, then put it into the fresh-keeping bag, pour the white wine, and seal it for 2 to 3 hours;

  3. Remove the marinated duck leg and rinse it, dry it, put it directly into the pan, and fry over medium heat;

  4. Covered in the middle, water vapor will be generated in the pot, so that the water in the duck leg will not be lost too much; remember to turn over the surface, the oil in the duck leg is deposited a lot, and the surface is fried golden crispy; about 10 minutes or so You can get out of the pot.


It’s so sweet~ It’s like eating roast duck! It’s not bad to hold it directly, cool!

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