Recipe: Salt and pepper shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Salt and pepper shrimp


Now is the best time to eat river prawn, with seeded shrimp, all red cream, the price is also the cheapest, this salt and pepper shrimp, can be eaten together with the shell, crispy fresh



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash the shrimps and drain them thoroughly

    Wash the shrimps and drain them thoroughly

  2. Hot pot with oil, fragrant ginger

  3. Pour the river prawn, stir fry, spray a small amount of cooking wine, continue to fry until crisp, the shrimp must be dropped, can be spread in the pot, slightly roast

  4. Finally, sprinkle the right amount of salt and pepper, a large amount of chopped green onion, turn off the heat and mix well.


1, the river shrimp must be more water, or it will be water when fried, not fry 2, the oil can put a little more 3, salt and pepper I like to put a little less, because too much will cover the taste of river shrimp 4, the shrimp shells will be very brittle, you can eat together, you can eat a large pot each time

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