Recipe: Salt and pepper oil residue

Home Cooking Recipe: Salt and pepper oil residue


I remember when I was very young, I used to use lard to cook every month. My mother would mix the oil residue with salt and give it to me. Regarding the memory of childhood, there is a soy-stained cheese house in the chaos and the lard flavor of the aisle cooking. Later, life was getting better, and there was no lard in the house, and the oil residue was still the memory of the mother. #乐购TESCO优鲜下下-肉#



  1. Cut the small pieces of white meat and simmer the oil to remove the oil residue.

  2. Stir in the right amount of black pepper and salt.


Because I wanted to make moon cakes, I went to three vegetable markets to buy two pounds of white meat and pricked into lard, and the oil residue made pepper and salt residue. A pound of white meat can probably pick up seven or eight lard, remember that the small fire is slow.

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