Recipe: Salt and pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Salt and pepper


Seafood, especially love to eat, especially delicious, also love to make seafood, how to do it is delicious. There are children in the family, and today I choose the practice of salt and pepper.



  1. From the oil pan, the oil pan is hot, pour the right amount of oil, burn the oil to 80%, and the shrimp can be placed in the pan.

  2. The shrimps are constantly turned over, and the fire is fried for four or five minutes, so that the shrimps are deep-fried, and the shrimps look crisp and the shrimps are fished out.

  3. Bring the excess oil out, wash the oil pan, heat the oil pan, put down the fried shrimp, stir fry a little, sprinkle with salt and chopped green onion to make the pan.


The shrimps are fried, and there are foods that can be cooked and not wasted, so you can put more, but don't use too much. The oil can reduce the time of bombing.

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