Recipe: Salmon tea rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Salmon tea rice


Salmon tea and rice are common in Japanese restaurants. Do it yourself, simple and convenient.



  1. Wash the salmon, dry it, and apply a proper amount of salt to taste it.

  2. The hot oil in the pan is 50% hot, and the salmon is fried on both sides until it is golden. (Be careful not to paste, don't fry the old)

  3. Drain the oil, use the kitchen paper to blot the oil on the surface of the salmon, and then tear it into pieces.

  4. Soaked sencha (can be replaced by green tea such as Longjing), the taste is better

  5. Put the cooked white rice (Japanese rice is better, don't cook too soft) into a large bowl, add the seaweed cut into thin strips, and pour the tea leaves from the tea to the rice. It is better if the rice is not cooked.

  6. Sprinkle with salmon granules, cooked white sesame seeds, diced green onion, flavored with mustard, 4D soy sauce, sea salt

  7. You're done, the quick and easy salmon tea is ready.


1. Don't fry the salmon, double-sided golden can be used; 2, salmon with skin frying will be better, fried and peeled and peeled; 3. It is also possible to replace Japanese-style sencha with green tea such as Longjing, but the tea must be soaked a little, so that the tea taste is obvious; 4, rice should not be steamed too soft; 5, soy sauce, sea salt, mustard and other spices are added according to personal taste.

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