Recipe: Salmon mushroom soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Salmon mushroom soup


In the past, there was always no milk white, and milk color was added. Later, I read the explanation of "Small fire out of clear soup, big fire out of white soup." Understand the chemistry of it, so the mason is open, the milk soup comes naturally.



  1. After the pot is hot, rub it with ginger to prevent the fish from sticking.

  2. Add a little oil and rub the squid on both sides.

  3. Add cold water, the capacity is 1.5 times the container of the soup

  4. Put ginger and shallots and simmer for 10 minutes.

  5. Turn a small fire into the oyster mushroom, crab mushroom, salt

  6. Sprinkle with white pepper and chopped green onion before the pan.


1. The squid should not exceed 8 two 2. The black inner membrane in the fish belly must be cleaned and dried with a kitchen towel. 3. Fried fish should be fried

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