Recipe: Rutabaga fried pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Rutabaga fried pork


Today, the material of this dish is the specialty of my hometown - Xiangfan kohlrabi. Xiangfan kohlrabi is famous for its crispy taste, delicious taste, rich aroma and long-lasting rot. It’s not a raw seafood, it’s not a strange animal, it’s got rid of it, and it’s usually like people’s saying: big “疙瘩” One, but appeared in the dining table of the people in the alleys, also appeared in the large and small restaurants, sparkling the simple spirit and life wisdom of the Xiangfan people. This is the yang kohlrabi! It is said that this kohlrabi was invented by Zhuge Kongming, so it is also called "Kongming cuisine". According to legend, in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhuge Liang retired in the Gyangyang Gulong, once a small disease, he went to the mountains to collect medicine, found a thing like radish, dug up and look at it is not a radish. I saw the size of this fist, bite it, not bitter, fine, and a little spicy. He thought that the grass on the ground can raise people. If this kind of thing is not poisonous, is it not a good dish? So, he dug a few to take home, told his wife to fry a plate, and wanted to taste it. Who knows, when the dishes are served on the table, the whole family tastes it and they are said to be delicious. Asked about leeks, Zhuge Liang thought about it and called it "kotto". After the meal, he dug some more and planted it in the fields. Since then, the Zhuge Liang family often eats kohlrabi. One year, the weather was smooth, and the kohlrabi of Zhuge Liang grew fat and big, and collected a lot after the autumn. Zhuge Liang washed the kohlrabi and dried it in a tank. In the second year, he took it out and tasted it. It was more delicious than fresh. Later, Zhuge Liang assisted Liu Beilian Wu Kang Cao. Because the soldiers did not eat, he often made Liu Bei worry. Zhuge Liang sent people to Fuyang to buy kohlrabi. The kohlrabi is easy to bring, and it tastes delicious. Liu Bei likes it very much. After that, before the big battle, Liu Bei sent people to Fuyang to buy kohlrabi, and his soldiers had never been short of food. Since then, the kohlrabi in Fuyang has become more and more famous. People naturally think of Zhuge Liang. In order not to forget his merits, everyone called the kohlrabi "Kongming cuisine". Every time I visit my relatives, whether at the airport or the train station, I see that the tourists are carrying large and small gift boxes of kohlrabi, which has become a gift for friends and relatives~~~ The original kohlrabi is produced. The big cockroach has a single variety. Nowadays, the variety is more and more abundant, and the tastes are spicy, sesame oil, three fresh, slightly spicy and so on. The package has large bags, small bags, hardcover, etc., to meet the needs of various people. The kohlrabi that I use today is the finished product that is cut directly. No, it’s time to go to the restaurant~~~



  1. Cut lean meat into silk, transfer salt, soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine, starch and mix well

  2. The kohlrabi is blistered for 5 minutes and the salt is removed.

  3. Pour the oil into the pan, quickly spread the pork, add the kohlrabi, red pepper, green pepper, garlic and stir-fry for a while.

  4. Sprinkle white sesame on the kohlrabi pork

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