Recipe: Royal coffee

Home Cooking Recipe: Royal coffee


It is said that this is a generation of heroes, the French emperor Napoleon's favorite coffee, so the name "Royal". Gorgeous and elegant, the wine is full of fragrance, and it has a royal style. The first time I drank was 5 years ago, my seniors prepared for me, but I didn't catch this kind of coffee, so he was ridiculed that he would only drink Mocha's little girl and never understand its charm!



  1. Brewing a cup of coffee, preferably freshly ground, recommend the Blue Mountains. If you can't use black coffee instead, just don't add coffee to your partner.

  2. Place the cubes on the spoon and lie on the cup

  3. Wet the sugar cubes with brandy until there is wine on the whole spoon. You can change other wines, such as gin, whiskey, rum, as long as it is 40° or more! Interested people can try Erguotou [laughs

  4. After the burn, put it in the coffee and stir it, then you can drink it.


In order to last the flame, you must fill the spoon, it is best to use a special coffee spoon! In fact, I still feel a bit bitter about a cube of sugar...o(╯□╰)o

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